We are an association of Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioners, from different professional backgrounds, and exist to promote the development of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).  All practising members are required to update their practice by attending a review class at least every two years.

Our objectives are to:


MLDUK is a Company limited by guarantee. The Board of Trustees/Directors meet at least four times a year, one of which is the Annual General Meeting.

We publish a register of MLD practitioners, which lists member’s names, Town/City of practice, telephone number(s) and professional qualifications. Members may choose not to be on the register if they do not want to accept enquiries from the general public. This register is circulated to all members, to interested organisations, such as the lymphoedema clinics, and to all who may enquire about MLD.

A quarterly newsletter is produced and members are encouraged to submit articles, case histories and letters for publication. A telephone Helpline is available for all members who need advice on particular cases.

Membership Fees

For Member DLT (Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy) and Member level of membership the annual fee is £75.00; for Students and Friends the fee is £15. Fees are payable on 1st April each year.  For more information, please contact the admin office at admin@mlduk.org.uk. A Membership Application can be downloaded here.


MLDUK accepts members on documentary proof of the above qualifications. It does not seek to assess the individual abilities of each member and therefore accepts no responsibility for the competence of the practitioner.

Patrons: Peter S. Mortimer MD, FRCP, Professor of Dermatological Medicine, Baroness Dr Julie Smith of Newnham, and Dr Alex Munnoch MBChC, FRCSEd (Plast)


Therapists who are considering undertaking a course in Manual Lymphatic Drainage should carefully consider how and where they intend to practise.

At present, MLDUK maintains a register of therapists who have gained certification from teachers accredited by the Vodder, Foldi,  Casley-Smith, Leduc schools, Klose Training and LTA Fill & Flush. Only these therapists have been adequately prepared to treat people with lymphoedema and other health problems. 

Other training methods exist which purport to affect the lymphatic system may be useful in beauty therapy or for relaxation. However, it is important to note that such courses will not lead to registration by MLDUK, which is now becoming recognised as the most reliable source of adequately-trained MLD therapists.


“Member DLT” next to an entry in the lists indicates a therapist whose MLD qualification includes DLT - Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy - and is therefore fully trained to treat people with lymphoedema.

There are five categories of membership:

Member DLT
A member holding full qualifications in MLD including training in DLT - Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy - in one or more of these methods.
Associate Member
A member holding intermediate qualifi- cations in one or more of these methods.
A member holding a Vodder qualification in the treatment of the face and neck
A member who has undertaken a basic course in one or more of these methods. Not listed on this site.
A member who has an interest in the Association and its activities. Not listed on this site.

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