MLD Courses

Földi MLD/CDT and Review Classes 

For full details of the courses and to request an application form, please contact Gudrun Collins, at the Földi College on +44 (0)1284 705031 or visit

The Földischule also offers international courses. For more information contact:

Földischule GmbH
Zum Engelberg 18
D -79249 Merzhausen

Tel: +49 761 406921
Fax: +49 761 406983



Földi Lymphoedema Certification Classes are offered in partnership with Klose Training & Consulting.

MLD/CDT certification courses have a 45 hour online Home Study component followed by 90 hours of instruction in the classroom (9 – 12 days, depending on location). Each participant is trained in the four components of Complete Decongestive Therapy. Classes are offered annually at the Földi Clinic in Germany as well as locations in the UK and the States. For a current schedule of dates and locations, please use this link:

Classes offered at the Földi Clinic offer the unique opportunity to participate in doctors’ rounds. For more information about the class here, please use this link:

For a description of our 9-day Lymphoedema (MLD/CDT) Certification class, please use this link:

For further information contact:

Lisa Konruff, Klose Training Operations Manager
Tel: 011-303 245 0333
Fax: 011-303 245 0334


MLDUK believes that to ensure that the highest standards of Manual Lymphatic Drainage are maintained, practice should be confined to those who have undertaken, or who are undertaking, training through the Vodder, Foldi,  Casley-Smith, Leduc schools,  and LTA Fill & Flush or their accredited teachers.

With that in mind, successful completion of the following courses, which are only open to those who already have a massage qualification, and those who have professional medical qualifications (for example in physiotherapy or nursing) will lead to Membership of MLDUK at the appropriate level, if so desired.

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